I totaly forgott to write here. Things have really been better in the corp. Now we are around 10-15 person online at a day thats good.

Well I been playing many cosmos-missions. I really like it alot! Think it's so funny. At first i was doing missions for gallente, now I´m in minmatar space doing cosmos. I really like the complex where you get the technology stuffs like sleeper, yan jung and so on. I actually got the yan jung technology skill book! :D I was really happy for that because it worth about 80m isk.

Well well. I also have figured out that I have seen some people macro mining in the belt... I think that is so wrong!...

Hey there!

This is my blog about a game called eve-online. Visit eve-online.com for more information about the MMORPG game :) There you can also get a 14-days trial for free.

Well I have played for 2 years now :) And for about 1 year ago I started a corporation Terran Legacy www.terranlegacy.se with 4 other guys. Our best period was in the spring 2008. We were aover 50 active players. So nice... But now we are dying more and more.

We joined an alliance called Celestrial Frontier wich was a alliance with own space and own station. Well. after 1 week the whole alliance collapse. And Red Alliance was knocking on the door beside us, with a couple of capitals. All we could do was to move... to high sec again. And now we are there.

We then join a alliance called RjctD. Pronouns "Rejected". A only swedish-talking alliance. My corporation is also only swedish-talking.

We bought one more standard module to our high sec pos. There are alot of researcher in the corp. But all I want is that the corp should be a pvp-corp as it was in spring. :( But... i guess that when you flags that you have a researcher pos, free research slots for all members. Then, only research chars will join.

We are a pvp-corp in the beginning, but we wanted a pos, just because, and after we joined the high sec alliance then the pvp-chars leaved us :( I understand them. I do.

The summer came... and the player activity became lesser. And now we are sitting in a corp 4-5 players online at same time. I often sit alone in the week-days. Borring.

Well this blog is about my space-travel in eve-world. Most about my corporation Terran Legacy. And some about the game and expansions packs. A new expansions is comming on Tuesday. And I´m going to make this site more in eve-theme. :) Now It´s looks ridiculous, i know.

Btw, I invented a deimos bpc for some days ago :) I´m a big girl soon.

I say like another chick had in her bio: Real Chick drive Hulk´s!

Fly safe \o

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